Understanding the Culture of Instagram

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Social Media for Business Success

social media marketing

Instagram,  Pinterest, and YouTube are the hottest and fastest growing social  networks. Learn how to take advantage of these social networks to engage  your audience and grow your business. Build a fun and engaging  Instagram account, Increase your brand presence and drive traffic to  your site using Pinterest as a marketing platform, and leverage the  power of online video to establish and retain an audience. 


Facebook and Twitter for Business Success

Education courses using elearning on learning various social media platforms to market your business. Learn about effective Facebook site management;  new techniques and emerging trends; tools; plug-ins; and third party  applications customized for your business, non-profit, or association  use.  


Social Marketing: Snapchat

Learn how to use Snapchat in your overall social media marketing  strategy. Discover ways to enhance your brand, recruit new customers and  engage your current fan base.


International Student Engagement using Social Media

Explore the qualitative research  gathered from talking to other  social media marketing professionals about engaging international  students through social media as  a marketing tool. It’s all part of  Bassey’s dissertation work "Social Media and Community College International Student Engagement"  in the  Community College Leadership  doctoral program at Morgan State  University that promises to become  part of community college best  practices in the near future  

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Usage of Social Media: Building Your Personal Brand

Learn how social media can benefit students both personally and

professionally. The session is 

interactive with time built in to discuss

the transparency of social media and

how the work life balance has become

integrated because of social media.

People’s lives have become more

transparent as work and professional

boundaries have blurred.

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Develop Your Social Content Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

How can you use best practices to
integrate social media campaigns into your
overall marketing strategy? 

By focusing on quality over quantity, high-impact content and tools for management, you can be highly successful with your social media campaigns!

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